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Fine Art Printing
Lightship Editions provides high quality fine art print services to artists, photographers, museums, galleries, collectors, dealers, and commercial businesses.

We utilize state-of-the-art digital imaging and print technology, along with 10 years of experience working for the pioneer of fine art printing, Iris Graphics. We produce museum quality fine art prints on a wide selection of materials that include canvas, watercolor, glossy, and matte papers.

We strongly believe that client participation in the digital print process is crucial in producing high quality fine art prints and solicit artist feedback throughout the print production process. Contact us today to discuss your printmaking needs.

Fine Art Print Pricing
To view Lightship Editions Fine Art print and digital capture prices please click here
Digital Scanning & Capture
Our digital scanning service delivers high-resolution, an extended dynamic range, and the color depth required for printing high quality art and photography prints. We can digitally capture reflective materials, large format artwork, and negative or positive film.
Fine Art Print Process

Step 1: Image Capture & Preparation
Artwork is captured using a high quality digital camera or high resolution digital scanner. Adjustments are made to the digital image to match the original artwork as closely as possible.

Step 2: Artist Approval Proof
When the adjustments are complete, an approval proof (approximately 8x10") is printed on the actual material that is going to be used to produce the print. The artist reviews the proof and approves or suggests needed corrections. If further corrections are conducted a second proof is printed for artist approval.

Step 3: Print
Once the artist signifies their approval by signing the proof, print production typically begins within 24 hours.

Step 4: Finishing
The print is allowed to cure for 24 hours and is then examined for any imperfections. Upon completion of the finishing process prints are packed and shipped to the artist.

Commercial Printing
We provide all types of print services whether 2-color, 4-color, 6-color, large or small format. Our strategic alliance's with high-end commercial print vendors offers our clients a wide range of high quality print services and minimizes printing costs without sacrificing quality.

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