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My work is an impulsive assault on any object or surface that can embrace the perplexity of a random t hought. I meditate in front of one of my ample blank canvasses, when my mind is as blank as I can make it. I attack the canvas with an explosion of color. I then stand back and survey. Some times the ingredients of my mind have already started to laminate or illuminate the surface. I then might interlace these subdued images or layer more color, eventually more images flourish, disappear, or converge. I like to use big strokes that not just include my hand but my whole body. The order in which color and images appear fluctuate from painting to painting. I try to paint from feeling and mood and let the brushstrokes that are already on the canvas dictate my next move. The objective of my abstract expressionism is to evoke some kind of feeling from the viewer. I want my art to pulsate with feeling to be not just viewed but the viewer be embraced with sensations of any kind, or many kinds, that will remain with them long after the viewing.

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Artist Steve Mutch




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