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Who can remember the first time they felt the thrill of creating something that was their own? Why was it so important to have that crayon masterpiece receive the place of honor on the refrigerator door? The need to create has always been a driving force for me. The creative process is where I become totally focused, elated, frustrated, and alive.

During many years of study, I have had the opportunity to try a variety of media: oil painting, printmaking, ceramics, etc; but several years ago, when I began working with pastels, it felt like coming home. I was seduced by having an array of luscious colors at my fingertips. I loved the immediacy of picking up a piece of color and putting it down on the page. I loved the tactile connection I had with the work and began to notice that my own energy and emotions seemed to be coming through even though it was not a conscious effort on my part.
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Limited Edition Giclée Prints by Artist Teresa McCue
Into the Blue Canal Reflection Summer Spirit
Artist: Teresa McCue Artist: Teresa McCue Artist: Teresa McCue
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